September 17, 2011

Once Upon a Time

I often as I lay next to my spouse and ask for a story. I am not into the usual boy meets girls and saves girls then they run off and marry. I mean that is heard from time to time end to beginning and back again. No, I want to hear a real story so I guess I will tell you mine.
I promise to ramble, misspell things and amuse myself. I hope to entertain you in the process. For life is like that a process, it is to be felt and lived to be appreciated.
Otherwise life is just a meaningless jumble of waking up and going to sleep and a bunch of crap in the middle. So sit back watch or join in- all I ask is remember sometimes at the end of the story the girl gets the girl and more...
Just Kat, batting around another pearl for the string.

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I am a married 41 almost 42 year old. Where did the time go. I have 4 children and by the time Christmas is here I will have 5 Grand Children.
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