September 24, 2011

Back Home....

I am home finally. I think my dog is still not trusting me not to disappear again, lol. I it is hard to explain to a dog that you really were at the hospital, lol. Well I guess the lungs gave up with  my asthma. So I spent like two days in there, good place good people really. I missed the spouse and the poor puppy. I have cleaned and am now cooking a nice dinner for us and one of our neighbors. She was coming down but then she got ill. Well I guess not much more to say
- Just Kat, batting around another pearl for the string.

September 18, 2011

The Pearls still shine...

You will see I love the ... for some reason. I am not sure why I always have. You will see there will be tons relieved about me and mine. I say mine as a great lead up to this posting tonight. My spouse has spent all day literally making this look like my place. A great job was done by the way. I talked with my neighbor tonight he is still not over his divorce. Part of that I get, how do you get over your own heart? My answer- You don't. When two people click as we do the minds and hearts souls and spirits join in a way I will try to explain. Forgive me if I am inept in this attempt.
My life is changing quickly as it does in the fall. I love the fall, I guess that is partly because I am born in November. Hum not sure really it just is what it is. I have grown to love the fall of the night. It is like a warm blanket being tucked around your chilly shoulder by your lover after it is covered with a sheen of sweat well deserved...

- Just Kat, batting around another pearl for the string.

The Sun still shines?

I have been sick, pnemonia most likely. My spouse has been taking wonderful care of me so I am well on the mend. We have a border collie Penny she is our amusement and heart. As I typed her name she jumps up to say hey, lol. Dogs I love them. She has a collection of stuffies, Franken Dude- now Dude is a round hedge hog stuffie. She chewed the first one apart and was so sad we went and got her another one. So you might ask why Franken Dude? Well she chewed this one apart too and look just as sad. So we sewed him up.
So the sun is still shinning this morning. I knew it would, it was in the sky last night that it would be a great day here. So what you are going to do with your day? We are given just so many on this plane- it is up to us to see how we spend them.
This is where Franken Dude comes in- sometimes we don't mean to chew apart our favorite stuffies. We area greatful there are those around to fix them. So who fixed your Franken Dude today on this sunny morning?

- Just Kat, batting around another pearl for the string.

September 17, 2011

Once Upon a Time

I often as I lay next to my spouse and ask for a story. I am not into the usual boy meets girls and saves girls then they run off and marry. I mean that is heard from time to time end to beginning and back again. No, I want to hear a real story so I guess I will tell you mine.
I promise to ramble, misspell things and amuse myself. I hope to entertain you in the process. For life is like that a process, it is to be felt and lived to be appreciated.
Otherwise life is just a meaningless jumble of waking up and going to sleep and a bunch of crap in the middle. So sit back watch or join in- all I ask is remember sometimes at the end of the story the girl gets the girl and more...
Just Kat, batting around another pearl for the string.

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