September 18, 2011

The Pearls still shine...

You will see I love the ... for some reason. I am not sure why I always have. You will see there will be tons relieved about me and mine. I say mine as a great lead up to this posting tonight. My spouse has spent all day literally making this look like my place. A great job was done by the way. I talked with my neighbor tonight he is still not over his divorce. Part of that I get, how do you get over your own heart? My answer- You don't. When two people click as we do the minds and hearts souls and spirits join in a way I will try to explain. Forgive me if I am inept in this attempt.
My life is changing quickly as it does in the fall. I love the fall, I guess that is partly because I am born in November. Hum not sure really it just is what it is. I have grown to love the fall of the night. It is like a warm blanket being tucked around your chilly shoulder by your lover after it is covered with a sheen of sweat well deserved...

- Just Kat, batting around another pearl for the string.

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